Business Owners’ Package

business owners' packageAll of your Needs Combined into one Business Owners’ Package

As a small, local business ourselves, we believe that it is impossible to be overprotective of your business. That is why we offer everything that a small business owner requires in one expansive business owners’ package. By combining all of your needs, we will ensure quality protection without sacrificing convenience and security. 

Our business owners’ package offers premium discounts and special payment options by combining property and liability coverage with other features to ensure comprehensive protection. We understand that no two businesses share the exact same universal forms of coverage. We will work with you to design a business owners’ package (BOP) that matches your specific needs and requirements.

Since 1903, the people and businesses of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts have turned to Butler & Messier Insurance Agency for all their insurance needs. For more information about our business owners’ package plans, visit one of our offices or call  (401) 728-3200 to speak to one of our agents.